Tuesday’s Quick Write

Prompt  from Kate Messner’s Writing Camp: http://www.katemessner.com/teachers-write-619-tuesday-quick-write

Name : Kate Clark

From: Chicago, Illinois
Physical Characteristics: Long wavy Blonde hair, skinny, green eyes, petite

External Song: Piece of Me – Brittany Spears

Internal song:   Just a Girl- No Doubt



Everyone stares as Kate walks down the hallway. She soaks up their stares and feels the power they provide her. She is beautiful and knows it and being on Justin’s arm means everyone wants to be her but there is something they will never understand. Kate wants to be seen for being Kate; Kate the artist, Kate the sister, Kate the friend, but for right now she is Justin’s Kate. Justin’s security is priceless while her world is unraveling outside these walls, but it doesn’t matter. She knows he isn’t any good for her but he is like a drug. The drug that keeps her popular and in control. If they ever found out what was going on behind the scenes she would no longer reap the benefits of being Justin’s Kate.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Write

  1. Great contrast of songs! I love the external beat of the girl who knows she something, but the internal angst of not really knowing who she really is. Your story idea is solid and what teens would like to read. There is nothing better than getting into the popular girl’s head and realizing that its not all good to be the chosen one.

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