Delirium by Lauren Oliver

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A world where love is a disease provides the premise for the much acclaimed series. Seeing as how I am on a severe dystopian/romance kick this novel was right up my ally. Set in yet again a future American society that has literally walled itself off from all other countries in an effort to segregate itself from those who do not think love is a disease. All in all the book was predictable but entertaining. The main character, Lena, struggles with the obvious question of is this the right thing and is the cure really a cure for a disease?

This is a great book if you don’t mind something that isn’t completely new. The ideas a new but plot development is pretty typical. Lena’s love interest, Alex, is everything the reader would want him to be but not quite swoon worthy like Noah in The Unbecoming of Mora Dyer, (still one of my favorite love interests.)Alex is however everything Lena needs to see that love is not a disease but a beautiful exciting experience that should not be simply “cut” out of our lives.  I really loved the way Oliver showed how love impacts all of us- it is not just our relationship with the opposite sex, but with children, hobbies, and music. How can you be passionate about life without love? I will be readying the sequel because I am eager to see what will happen to Lena even though it seems very similar to other novels like Legend, Matched and even The Hunger Games.

4 out of 5 stars


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